Achieving poreless skin is one of the most common skin goals out there. Unfortunately,  the size of your pores is largely due to genetics. Thankfully there are measures that can be taken to help diminish the appearance of large pores. 

They say knowing your enemy is key to defeating them. Which is why knowing what pores are is crucial in combating them. Pores are the opening at the top of the hair follicles where the sebum is released to the surface to keep the skin looking healthy and hydrated. Excessive oil production with age, climate change and hygiene can cause the pores to expand to accommodate the demand of oil from the skin. However, they play a vital role in maintaining healthy skin but when they start to become bigger, the appearance leads to an "imperfect" look.  

Knowing what causes the pores to become enlarged, there are several ways to shrink them by controlling sebum production.